What is Geiger Connect?

Geiger Connect is a system that tracks and stores your Geiger readings.

Geiger Connect is a combination of a compact Bluetooth Geiger reader, a mobile app, and a centralized online data archive for data reporting.

Individual radiation detectors are connected via Bluetooth to smartphones with the Geiger Connect app installed. The Geiger Connect app then collects particle readings from the radiation detector and GPS readings from the smartphone. This data is sent up to a centralized server where other users have uploaded their readings. The data is displayed in a graph and can be shown according to different criteria. The GPS coordinates of each reading are displayed on a map along with the particle count.

What Makes geiger Connect Unique

Geiger Connect is a system of three different components that come together to form one invaluable asset.
Low-Energy Device

• Alpha, beta, and gamma ray detection
• Low-energy consumption
• Built-in solar charging panels
• Bluetooth 4.0 LE
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Mobile App

• Particle display
• Session graphing
• Real-time readings display
• Particle detection sound
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Online Data Archive

• Data graphing
• Data organization
• Data export
• Detection device management
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