Mobile App

The second part of the Geiger Connect system is the mobile app. The easy to use app keeps you immediately informed of current radiation detection. The app allows you to create sessions, take notes, and track immediate and accumulated radiation exposure.

The app is currently available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Once the mobile app is paired with the detection device, you can start collecting data from the device.

App features:

  • Particle display
  • Session graphing
  • Sessions notes
  • Measurement units in:
    • Nanosieverts
    • Microsieverts
    • Millisieverts
    • Rem
  • Real-time readings display
  • Data transmission with Wi-Fi or cellular data
    • Data is stored locally if out of Wi-Fi or cellular range
    • Data is transmitted when back in Wi-FI or cellular range.
  • Detection device battery meter
  • Device solar panel intake meter
  • Particle detection sound